Herb Boxes Reward from Nightmare Zone

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Claiming 10. 20. 30. or RuneScape gold 50 random random runes obtained from Lundail is an activity similar to the one played by Wizard Cromperty and Rantz.

The runes that you receive depend on the completion of the easy, medium or tough sections from the Wilderness Diary, and the rewards will vary based on the runes you earn.

9. Herb Boxes Reward from Nightmare Zone!

The purchase of 15 herb boxes from the Nightmare Zone reward chest will require an in-game account, and a total of 9.500 points for each box.

The earnings vary depending on the plants you receive from the box, but an approximate amount is 10.500 gold coins.

10. Fantastic Explosion Thanks to Thirus' Dynamite!

The number of dynamite that you can claim from Thirus, be it 20. 40. or 80 will depend upon your accomplishment of the medium and hard, as well as elite segments of Kourend Kebos Diary.

The revenue earned is dependent on the quantity of Dynamites you've got.

Bonus Mention: Daily Free Prayer Experience!

This activity involves having a conversation with Robin at The Green Ghost Inn, which is situated at Port Phasmatys. The goal is to convert 13. 26. or 39 bones directly into bonemeal and slime buckets through talking to him.

The amount you convert depends on your completeness of the hard, medium or the elite section of the Morytania Diary, and if you are a member of cheap RuneScape gold Morytania legs 2. you'll be able to have 26 bones. Leg 3. however, will grant you 36 bones.


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